Glass Bridge Mountain Walkway in China is so High and Scary


Glass Bridge Mountain Walkway in China is so High and Scary

A scary terrifying wooden bridge in China has just been replaced by a glass bridge. Yep, a glass one. This, the world’s longest glass-bottomed walkway, is located in Shiniuzhai Geopark in Hunan, and spans 300m and is 180m above ground. The walkway is made of double-layered glass that is 24mm, and is supposedly 25 times stronger than window glass.
The glass bridge had previously been made of wood, linking the two peaks of Stone Buddha Mountain, but 11 engineers working 12 hours a day made it into glass. Previously, you were considered brave if you crept the wooden walkway; now, with its glass bottom, the bridge is already being referred to as “hero bridge.”
For some in China the sky is not the limit, especially when you can build a glass-bottomed suspension bridge across it.
Tourism sites in the central Henan and Hunan provinces have been constructing vertigo-inducing skywalks in an effort to attract more tourists and visitors.
And it seems to have worked, attracting thrill-seeking tourists and locals, all wanting a chance to experience a bird’s-eye view of the Chinese countryside.
One of them is student Li Shu Zhen, 19, from Hangzhou city.
She shared her experience of climbing the Brave Man’s Bridge in Pingjiang county, Hunan province.
“You look down and feel a sense of fear, but you quickly recover from that and enjoy the scenery,” she said.
“It was beautiful, almost as if one was walking on air.”
The fully transparent bridge first opened to the public in September 2016.
It is one of the more popular bridges, with events – like mass yoga displays – often being staged on it.
Local officials say that glass panels were designed to withstand high winds and earthquakes, as well as the “weight of 800 visitors”.
Glass bridge fever has also spread to neighbouring Taiwan, where a 179m high bridge opened in Nantou county.

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