Puppy Training to Come When Called Video

Puppy Training to Come When Called Video

Puppy Training to Come When Called

Dylan the puppy learns the first steps of coming to its owner when called, a basic but mandatory cue for any dog. Victoria explains why it’s important to make it a game and not be just boring. She also covers common mistakes that people make when teaching dogs the recall process.

In Teacher’s Pet, Victoria Stilwell shows you how to employ her Positively Method for puppy training the right way, growing your level of communication to strengthen the bond between you and your precious pet.

Have a question for Victoria? She’ll be checking in regularly, so be sure to leave your comments and questions below.

Victoria Stilwell is widely known as a dog trainer, author, and television presenter. She has served as a judge on the CBS show Greatest American Dog and is best known as the host of the Animal Planet dog training TV show It’s Me or the Dog, where she counsels families with problem pets and solves their dogs’ behavior problems. In 2010, she launched Positively, the world’s first global network of hand-picked world-class dog trainers dedicated to providing the public a brand name they can trust in humane, force-free training.

A Happy Pet Owner:
It has given me a whole new set of ways to treat and teach my dog some basic stuff that for sure will make our cohabitation a little happier for all. I learned a lot like how to know the personality of my dog, as the positive and negative reinforcement work and how they affect directly in its development of personality.

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