Funny Horse Trivia and Facts

Funny Horse Trivia and Facts

The average horse weighs about a half a ton, its brain is the size of a baked potato.A horse’s hoof is analogous to the human fingernail. Horses stand on their middle fingers!

Some of the horse family’s closest relatives are tapirs and the rhinoceros.

A horse can poop up to 14 times a day! Ask a stable hand!

Horses cannot be sick (vomit).

Most of the time, a horse’s ear points where the horse is looking.

Horses lock their leg muscles so they can sleep standing up.

In the wild horse world, the mare decides when and where the herd will go while the stallion follows.When spoken to, horses distinguish tones rather than particular words.

Horses can drink up to ten gallons of water a dayA horse can see better at night than a human. However, it takes a horse’s eyes longer to adjust from light to dark and from dark to light than a human’s.

A different image is seen by each horse’s eye so a horse is seeing two different pictures at the same time.

A horse can see completely around its entire body except for small blind spots directly in front of its face, underneath its head, and directly behind itself.

Horses evolved in North America but became extinct here about 16000 years ago. “Wild” horses in the Americas are descended from horses brought over by Europeans.

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