Free Dog Competition. Win Le Chameau for You and Your Dog

le chameau dog beds

Free Dog Competition. Win Le Chameau for You and Your Dog

Win a Le Chameau Bundle for You and Your Four-Legged Friend

Portable Dog Bowl, £15
Dog Bed, from £60
Leather Dog Collar, £30
Leather Dog Lead, £35
2 x Vierzonord Neoprene lined wellingtons, £180 each

Possibly the Rolls Royce of the wellington world, Le Chameau boots are  quality and craftsmanship.
Built to last, the iconic rubber boots have long been favourites of the Royal family.
Chameau are the only boots to be handmade by a single master bootmaker, making each pair genuinely unique.
Using the best quality materials with a range of iconic and innovative styles, Le Chameau Maîtres Bottiers
(master bootmakers) have been making boots by hand for over 90 years.

Le Chameau has recently launched its first dog accessories collection to match your wellies to your loyal companion.
The collection, which launched this Autumn, includes a collar and lead, dog beds and bowls. Classic and smart,
their premium leather collar and leads come matching in a luxurious Marron Foncé colour, featuring antique brass
hardware.  The collapsible dog bowl is lightweight, easy to pack and convenient to carry, whilst the soft
tweed dog beds are sturdy, durable and available in three sizes.

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