Foraging for Mushrooms, an APP to Help You identify Them


Foraging for Mushrooms, an APP to Help You identify Them

Ever fancied foraging for wild mushrooms to add to a meal or a salad but
never done so because of the risk of picking the wrong variety and getting seriously ill.

Well this may be the answer, an APP for identifying mushrooms whilst foraging in fields and forests.

Mushroom Id

Mushroom Id is a field guide to identifying fungi for safe picking. It is available for the iPhone, ipad,  iPod Touch and Android devices.

The app has been developed by professional published ecologists with the main aim of helping identify fungi in the wild.

Easy Identification

For identification the app asks a short series of questions about the mushroom you have located. Based on your answers, it calculates and displays a short list of the most likely fungi it could be. The user is given an estimated percentage likelihood that the species is correct. Clicking on a mushroom in the list displays more information about it.

MushroomId: Mushroom Identification in You Tube

Mushroom Id can be used to keep a log of your fungi sightings making it easy to build a record of all the fungi you have encountered.

Mushroom Id is an evolving product, and you get free upgrades.

Why was the mushroom always invited to every party? Because he was a fun guy.

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