Flood Safety Tips For Pets, | Keeping Your Pets Safe

pets and flooding

Flood Safety Tips For Pets, | Keeping Your Pets Safe

Sufficient preparation before floods is an important part of protecting animals and pets in floods. Your pet relies solely on you for their safety.

Do the following:

1. Do Human Shelters Allow Animals, Find Out Now

Local authorities often arrange for people shelters during flood. They have a policy on what can be allowed. Get flood advice on whether your pet will be accommodated with you. If not, you may want to get contacts of the shelters and areas designed for pets.

2. Has Your Pet Got The Appropriate Identification

Your pet, just like us, will run in different directions during a crisis. The rescue teams will make efforts to help pet owners who do not know what to do in a flood. The identity tag or microchip should have you contact details to help the process of getting your pet back.

3. Stocl Enough Food And Medicine.

Once the weather departments start to announce that your area will be flooded, you should obtain food and medicine, so that your pet remains healthy throughout this trauma. Make a note of diseases that can affect your pet including flu, pest infestation, stomach upsets etc. Go for canned foods and not raw meals to avoid food poisoning.

4. Stay Updated.

Most authorities will work with the media to offer information on the cause of flooding and the possible damages. Keep listening to your radio and TV. Check social media on what to do during flooding.

5. Sort Out An Escape Route.

Confusion will arise when you do not know what to do during flooding. It is not uncommon to find people choosing one narrow escape route when there are other options. For you and your pet to be safe, you should be proactive in finding an alternative route.

6. Liase With Your Neighbours.

There is a chance that you will not be at home when flooding and evacuation are taking place. Trust one of your neighbours to take your pet and communicate on the situation.

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