Fascinating Pet Facts

Fascinating Pet Facts

Fascinating Pet Facts

Fascinating Facts About Frogs

Most people around the world think of frogs as harmless (apart from the odd species) even though many are repulsed by them.
They can make interesting and unusual pets apart from one species called Pacman which has quite a vicious bite. Its more official title is the Argentinian Horned Frog. It can grow to over 6 inches in length and eats mammals and other frogs. They are known to be fearless and can cause serious bite wounds with their teeth in powerful jaws. Legend has that in Argentina they can kill horses by biting and clinging onto their lips.

Fascinating facts on Pet Horses

Many of think that to see an endangered species would be a bit of a rarity, not so, how many horses have you seen in the last year, probably quite a few. Equus Ferus is a combination of several subspecies. It is thought that the original ancester of the horse was the Tarpan, a wild horse of Euroasia which is now extinct. A small East Asian subspecies is the Prezewalski horse and is the only remaining subspecies of horse in the wild. The origin of the horse we know today is a bit of a mystery. The loss of horses worldwide over tens of thousands of years has had pronounced effects on the environment, in vegetarian patterns and the demise of food sources for predators. Mustangs are feral horses.

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