DESPERATE farmers work day and night to move livestock and feed from the flooded Somerset Levels have described the area as a ‘war zone’.
Numerous  farmers have joined forces to evacuate their animals as flood water continues to rise and threaten their liverstock.
Levels farmers Gavin Sadler and James Winslade moved around 550 cattle to another farm along with as much bedding and feed as they could muster.
They are then moving a further 120 cows from two more farms and a horse which has already been moved from one flooded farm, only to be stranded again because of rising water levels.
Mr Sadler said: “Our farms, villages have gone, the church has gone too.
“And why? Last year Lord Chris Smith came here and said something would be done within six months, result – NOTHING.. This is what happens when you take no action.
“We have been banging on about dredging the rivers and no, it might not have stopped this from happening, but the water would have been able to get away a lot quicker.
“Everyone is suffering from the neglect of the Environment Agency but sadly they are only doing what Government policy has stipulated”.

Someone needs to take the lead and bother the consequences of their actions is what seems to be wanted..

Mr Sadler, who was speaking to Farmers Guardian while he was driving to rescue more cattle, said rain was persistent and flood water was continuing to creep up.

“I’m driving a big New Holland tractor and the water is lapping around the engine which is about about 1.5m high,” he said.

“It’s literally like driving through the sea,it shouldnt be happening.

“We’ve got fleets of tractors and trailers all working to get the cattle out, with absolutely no help from the military.

“The police are offering escorts where they can, but we’re completely on our own here.

“This is a state of emergency and the army should have been brought in weeks ago.”

Last month the Government said military vehicles were on standby, but personnel were later stood down.

“We could have used their help to get sandbags out. It’s like a war zone, there’s just things floating around in the water,”

“We’ve lost everything. Our homes are worthless, our farms are worthless.  People have lost farms which they’ve taken years and years to build up and now It’s all gone.”

Mr Sadler and his family were evacuated from their home in Moorland two days ago and have taken shelter in another farm’s holiday cottage.

Royal Marines have been deployed to the area this morning to assist with the evacuation operation.

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