Extreme Pet Grooming on TV

Extreme Pet Grooming on TV

From the channel that brought us the much-talked about Dogging Tales this year, Channel 4 returns with one-off documentary Doggy Styling.

But all is not what you might think.  The programme explores the benign but very bizarre world of extreme creative dog grooming.

We follow Su Eld-Weaver, a British dog grooming champion who wants to make it big in the extreme grooming world, which can only mean one thing: moving to the US.

Across America, poodles are being crimped, pimped and dyed to compete in the multi-million dollar so called ‘sport’, and Su wants a piece of the action with her dog Dobby.

She hopes she can win at Hershey, Pennsylania- the world’s largest extreme creative dog grooming competition-  where owners claim their dogs are the “Picassos and Monets of the canine world”.

For the first time in history, could a British dog triumph at Hershey? And could Dobby become the first non-American poodle ever to grace the cover of the industry’s prestigious Groomer to Groomer magazine?

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