Duck Gets a Set of New Feet and Now Waddles


Duck Gets a Set of New Feet and Now Waddles

Duck can now swim and waddle thanks to 3D printing

A duck unusually named “Phillip” in Wisconsin, who lost both of his feet due to frostbite, has received some much-needed help when a middle school technology teacher and pupils used a 3-D printer to make him new feet. This reported on the 18th April 2016.

A duck that lost both its paddling feet to frostbite is waddling again thanks to a Wisconsin middle school teacher and a 3-D printer.
Vicki Rabe-Harrison rescued Phillip the duck and, after watching a video of a 3-D printer online, turned to South Park Middle School teacher Jason Jischke in Oshkosh for help in solving Phillips major problem. All ducks need to swim don’t they?

Rabe-Harrison told Green Bay television station WBAY she assessed Phillip’s quality of life and was planning to put him to permanent sleep when Jischke called to say he and his students were working on the project. It took them six weeks of trial and error, sweat and tears, well almost, to get the prosthetic feet just right for Phill.
Phillip was a bit wobbly, possibly even a lot wobbly, when he first road tested, or should that be water tested, his new feet, but he has now joined other birds and animals at a sanctuary in Cedarburg, 20 miles north of Milwaukee.

It just shows how determination and technology can make a huge difference to humans and animals alike.

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