Dry Dog Shampoo is the New Craze, Try Some

Dry Dog Shampoo is the New Craze, Try Some

Dry dog shampoo is the new crazy in doggy gear
It removes dirt, oil and odour from your dog in between baths
The dry dog shampoo comes in scents like blueberry, muffin and even lemonade
Some dog owners use it to make their dog’s hair more fluffy

Today you can buy almost every product imaginable for your dog including high chairs so your dog can sit at the table with you, dog jewellery bling bling!, and even underwear (honest).

Now, there’s a new product to add to the list: dry dog shampoo for your dog.
Dry shampoo has been around in women’s beauty cabinets for years, providing an alternative to a full wash of your hair.
Instead of having to lather, rinse, repeat, you can simply spray dry shampoo into your oily roots and have fresh hair

Now the same concept is being applied to products for your pets, with various dry shampoos for dogs and cats.
They’re designed to freshen your pets between baths, absorb oil, as well as neutralising any doggy dirt odour.
You just spray onto your dog’s coat and brush it out, removing dirt and oil. They’re marketed as a spot cleaner, or for dogs who really hate water.
They even have a range of interesting aromas, so if you want your dog to smell like blueberry muffin, Tasmanian lavender, pomegranate and lime or strawberry lemonade you can. We’re not certain your pet will approve about smelling like artificial food and drink, but it might be nicer on your nostrils, and those unexpected visitors.

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