Drunken Wild Animals in Africa Funny Video

Drunken Wild Animals in Africa Funny Video

Happy hour on the African Plains

Animals in Africa get drunk for free by eating the ripe marula fruit. The fruit  ferments in their bellies and causes them to get intoxicated. Wait until the end of the video, and you can see they even get hung over too!

Drunken Wild  Animals, who would have thought it eh.

How many of you readers would to plant a couple of these in the garden?  That would save a lot of money by not going to the pub or downtown bar wouldnt it.

MIND-ALTERING BUZZES, whether from sweet fermenting fruit, magic mushrooms or coca leaves, have existed since the beginning of plant and animal life. Many species deliberately seek out intoxication and natural highs, and they know where to look to experience them. cant be bad as most will do it over and over again. WE humans learn our lesson the first time, but that does not stop us from doing it again.

“The capacity to enjoy alcohol or inebriation of any kind is not a unique product of humans,” says Professor Gisela Kaplan, an animal behaviour expert at the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. “In fact it’s quite possible that humans discovered it because of animals.” Now who are the most intelligent creatures!?

It is sometimes claimed that thanks to our early observations of animal behaviour, we happened upon caffeine, alcohol, cocaine, and other medicinal substances in the wild. Tracing how different species relate and respond to these properties, by choice, obligation or need, is a fascinating area of study.

Drunken Wild  Animals

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