Dog Weddings, Yes, They Really Happen

Dog Weddings, Yes, They Really Happen


America is the birthplace of many new fads, crazes, and bizzare happenings, so it is not surprising that dog weddings would eventually hit the scene.

It is such a growing industry that companies now exist to cater for dog weddings which will include certificates,designer dresses, honeymoons, catering, the job lot.

Dog grooms now have a ‘best man’ including a ring fitted around a fancy collar and used as part of the ceremony.

Dogs can be married for as little as £100 which can include certificates, a cake, and of course the ‘vicar’

Movie stars have taken up the option to marry their pets to each other, Pamela Anderson being one of them when she arranged a marriage for her two dogs with a beach wedding.

In new delhi, India it has been reported that a mass wedding has taken place for 500 doggies all dressed as brides. None of the pets had met each other before and for their special day, flowers were laid on, musicians for the ceremony and bridal cakes.

Wedding suits for the groom are easily obtained and can cost from around £45 and bridesmaid dresses from as little as £16
Head and face veils can come in all sizes and are available for even small pets such as hamsters to huge pets such as horse. They come with ribbons, bows, and can be lace, satin and very delicate.

As for the celebrations after the ceremony the dogs can drink their fill with Dog Perignon

There are special collars available for the best man, sorry dog, and also for bridesmaids, ushers, the ring bearer and the bride can even have fairy style wings to match.
Then there is the question of the bride and grooms gifts and favours for the guests. No problem, food dishes, toys, beds, blankets, tasty food, just like us humans really but dog orientated.

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