Dog Walking Tips To Ensure You and Your Pet Enjoy.

dog walking tips

Dog Walking Tips To Ensure You and Your Pet Enjoy.

Dog Walking Tips

Consider a Front Clip Harness if Your Dog Pulls on Leash

Does your dog constantly pull on a lead? Try using a front clip harness. Dog collars and harnesses that clip on the back actually promote more pulling. Bear in mind that the right harness won’t solve everything. You may still need to spend time training your pet to walk properly

Let Your Dog Go Sniffing Around for Mental Stimulation

Dog walks are about more than just physical exercise? Your dogs walk may be the only time they get to go outside and explore on a daily basis. Give them the opportunity to sniff around and explore their world.

Do Not Use a Retractable Lead For Dog Walks

When it comes to using the right lead for your dog walk there is one recommendation: avoid retractable leads. Retractable ones cause many unnecessary hazards compared to traditional leashes.

You Must Pick Up Your Dogs Poop

Another dog walking tip to remember — pick up your doggies poop. Picking up your dogs poop is more than just being a good, tidy responsible owner. Dog poop that isn’t picked up causes major health concerns to humans and pets alike.  It can be very serious.

Take Plenty of Water For Your Dog

If you’re going to be walking for more than a half hour or  in the hot weather take plenty of water along for your dog. Dogs have a difficult time regulating their temperature and it’s easy for them to overheat. And since dogs sweat through panting they can become very dehydrated during exercise, especially in warm weather.

Make Sure Your Dog is Wearing Proper ID

Every time you leave the house with your pet make sure that they are wearing their ID tag. You can’t control everything that happens, and sometimes dogs get lost or may wonder off if not on a lead.

There are many other tips that can make a more pleasant outing for you and your dog, have a good think about what you enjoy and observe what your dog likes to do on his walk.

Happy Walkies!

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