Dog Theft and How to Prevent It.

dog theft

Dog Theft and How to Prevent It.

Dog theft is increasing because of the times but has always been a problem.

Protect your dog from theft
Your dog must be microchipped. Keep records upto date, a change of address or phone number.
A collar with your name and address on it. This is a legal requirement when in a public place. If your dog is neutered, state it on the tag, it will put off thieves if they are wanting your dog for breeding purposes.
Do not mention the dog’s name on their collar, thieves may use it to entice them.
Have quality photos of your dog from varied angles. Record any distinguishing features.
Take photos of you with your dog to prove ownership.

Be wary of strangers talking to you about your dog, stroking them or vehicles slowing down.
Costantly change the times and routed of your dog walk.
Try to pair up with another dog walker.
Never leave your dog unattended at shops etc.
Never leave your dog alone in a car.
When walking use a long lead.
Carry an alarm gadget.

At home
In the garden, do not leave him outside unsupervised.
Secure your garden to keep your dog in and thieves out. Use a bell on the gate so you hear if anyone opens it.
CCTV is a good deterrent.

Social media
Do not put too much info about your dog, Keep privacy settings in mind.
Do not tag locations until you are home.

Act immediately if your dog is suspected to have been stolen, dial 999. Tell the police to record it as a theft not a lost animal and get a crime number.
Report the loss/theft to the microchip database.
Report the loss to your local council’s dog warden.
Put out appeals on social media asap.
Report the loss on missing animal websites.
Speak to local animal shelters and rescue charities.

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