Dog Theft Action Charity and its Aims

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Dog Theft Action Charity and its Aims

Dog Theft Action provides information to the public about dog theft. We are primarily concerned with getting essential information to victims of dog theft so to assist them with their search for a missing or stolen pet, but we also aim to offer general guidance on responsible dog ownership and canine welfare.
Mission Statement
To promote the protection, security and welfare of pet dogs from the threat of theft by the provision of advice, information and education, leading to a reduction in the incidents of dog theft, thereby avoiding unnecessary suffering and distress to dogs and their owners.

To provide vital information to the victims of dog theft to assist them in their search for their stolen/missing dog.
To promote responsible dog ownership so that incidence of dog thefts are greatly reduced
To act as a catalyst bringing together all agencies in the canine world that could have a potential impact on this issue.

To make the public aware of dog theft
To encourage the setting up a national database of lost stolen and found dogs
To encourage the implementation of adequate security measures wherever dogs are kept
To encourage all agencies dealing with deceased, stray or injured dogs to scan for microchips & check for tattoos
To encourage permanent identification [microchipping and tattooing] on a national scale and the annual checking of microchips and regular cleaning of tattoos
To ensure public understanding of the law where it refers to stray dogs i.e. when a stray dog is found it must be reported to the dog warden/police as soon as possible
To encourage vets to scan all new dogs
To encourage all local authorities to start a scanning program use equipment on stray and deceased dogs
To ensure that missing/stolen dogs are logged as such – not as missing/stolen property
To encourage the police to obtain scanning equipment and to register ALL reported lost dogs immediately onto a national database
To encourage the police to register ALL found dogs and their whereabouts immediately onto the same database
To encourage rescue and welfare centres to scan every dog that comes onto their premises even those dogs gifted to the centre for re-homing

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