Dog Clothing, Now There’s a Fashion Topic

dog clothing

Dog Clothing, Now There’s a Fashion Topic

Dogs wearing clothes is a very hot topic.

There are functional and fashionable reasons for doggies to do couture, and perhaps a bit of both in many cases. Fidose of Reality is all about alternative living for today’s modern dogs. Here’s the info on dog apparel, why it’s all the rage, and what dog owners should know before purchasing custom or off-the-rack clothing for their precious pooches.

When a dog first enters your life it is probably one of the best moments to get him used to wearing clothes. As a puppy, one owner put t-shirts on his dog. He would walk scamper around the house in them. Eventually when he was neutered, the Cover Me by Tui did the trick to keep him from licking at the surgical area. He said it was good about having a dog who associated clothes with a positive experience.

If your dog does not like clothes, wearing clothes, and tends to either freeze in place, act like they were smothered in glue, or otherwise is generally unhappy about apparel: Please, for the love of Lassie, don’t make them wear clothes. You can still have fun: There are so many fun leashes, collars, and bandanas on the market these days that you don’t have to feel left out.
Keep in mind that many stores will not allow doggy coats to be returned, so measure your dog properly before making any coatish purchases. Here’s how to measure: With the dog standing up, run a tape measure from the base of the dog’s neck (where the collar would sit) and to the base of the tail. The majority of dog clothes use this measurement. Knowing your dog’s chest measurement will ensure a good fit and save messing about buying more just adding to the expense.

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