Dog Beds, Choose One Of The Top Rated Ones.

dog beds

Dog Beds, Choose One Of The Top Rated Ones.

Dog Beds, Choose A Top Rated One.

Dogs spend about half their lives sleeping. It’s important to get them a bed that’s comfy, supportive and lasting. If you’re buying for a puppy, you’ll need to get something comfortingly snug and crate-compatible, but also affordable because as they grow you will need a larger one.

Older dogs may suffer from joint pain, so a memory foam mattresses can be a good buy. It’s important to get the size right – most websites have a weight guide, but if in doubt go large.

Shape matters – does your pooch prefer to spread out flat or curl up and rest their head on raised sides? Ideally, the bed should have a machine washable cover, and other handy features include a non-slip base and waterproof cover.

Here is an example of a recommended dog bed.

This good padded, oval shaped dog bed has a stylish print, affordable price tag and durable cotton fabric. Also available in three sizes, it feels sturdy yet doesn’t lose out on the snuggle factor and would look great in any setting – in traditional through to modern homes and the kitchen, living room or bedroom. The cushion is simple to remove and a quickie  with the vacuum cleaner brings it up like new.

Woof Dog Bed Sophie Allport

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