Divers Rescue Budgie

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Divers Rescue Budgie

Who’s a Lucky Boy Then?

Half a mile out to sea and in stormy conditions, it was the last thing the members of a diving club expected to see. There, being thrown about helplessly on the waves, was a feather soddened blue budgerigar.

Bedraggled, half drowned and too tired to fly, it seemed it would not be long before he was heading to the great bird cage in the sky. Pausing only to wonder what on earth he was doing so far from land, the divers turned their boat round and after three passes eventually managed to pluck him from the waves.

And yesterday the bird, nicknamed Captain by his rescuers, was looking full of bounce as he recovered at an animal shelter. The RSPCA said it was ‘unbelievable’ that the tiny bird had been spotted and saved so far out to sea.

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