Covid. Dog Confirmed To Have The Disease

covid in pets

Covid. Dog Confirmed To Have The Disease

In the UK a dog has tested positive for Covid – the first of its kind in the UK and has been officially confirmed.

It is thought the dog caught the virus from its owner.

This very rare and it is thought that pets cannot pass it onto humans.

Animal fur is able to act as a carrier for Covid for short periods, in the same way as other surfaces, such as worktops and door handles.

Never intentionally share food, food bowls or other bowls with your pet.

The UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer commented that The infected dog was having treatment for another unrelated condition but is now recovering.

It is rare for dogs to be infected and may only show mild signs, and recover after a few days.

Covid and animals
Some infected animals can spreadthe disease to humans and then it spreads between people, but this is also rare.

There have been other reports of other animals infected.

Denmark culled millions of mink in November 2020 amid concerns about a mutated form of coronavirus detected in this species.

A few cases in cats, dogs and ferrets have been recorded around the planet too.

Several lions, and 2 keepers, tested positive at Barcelona Zoo in Spain.

Animals which have been infected include:

big cats in captivity
domestic cats
fruit bats
non-human primates
raccoon dogs
white-tailed deer

If there is a concern about your pet because it has respiratory or digestive problems and a temperature, contact your vet who will decide if it needs a Covid test.
If you are self-isolating because of Covid, do not handle your pet or let them sleep in your bed. If possible let someone else care for them.

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