Cop Rescues Kitten Stranded on an American Highway


Cop Rescues Kitten Stranded on an American Highway

A US police officer found himself on an urgent rescue mission a few days before last Christmas and is now finding his home a little more crowded.

Police Officer Jason Smith, from Kansas was driving in his patrol car down the left lane of I-29 when he spotted a globe of fur on the central barrier wall that split the highway.  Radioing for help to traffic control, Officer Smith pulled over in the far left lane and exited his car. From his body camera, it is clear that this particular officer also has a natural way with animals. 

“Here kitty kitty kitty,” he can be heard saying as he approaches the kitten And as Officer Smith scoops up the ball of fur in his hands, the kitten’s high-pitched meow can be heard answering Officer Smith.  Back in his patrol car, Officer Smith puts the kitten on the passenger seat who then started to explore the car. The kitty briefly sets off the siren before Officer Smith turns it off and decides to cuddle her. The kitten then settles down and gladly accepts her rescuer’stickle. Thanks to the nice policeman with a quick eye, the kitten was rescued.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. After Officer Smith took the kitten to a shelter for a checkup, she spent a few days there to give the real owner a chance to claim her. Then, Officer Smith went back to the shelter — and duly adopted her. “Bella has been a great for our home ever since the rescue,” said the officers son Joshua. Bella joins the familys small collective of rescued pets comprising of a terrier mix named Zoey, a Chihuahua mix named Charlie, and their first rescue cat, a Maine Coon named Jasper.


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