Controversial Argentinian Zoo, Pet a Tiger, Lion

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Controversial Argentinian Zoo, Pet a Tiger, Lion

Controversial Argentinian Zoo, Pet a Tiger, a Lion and survive the experience.
Controversy surrounds a zoo at Argentinas Lujan Zoo. Some of the biggest predators on earth are coming face to face with us humans and extremely close unprotected interaction. Visitors can pet a tiger, lions and without the fear of being seriously mauled aor killed. These creatures appear to be no more scarier than our domestic cats and dogs and they are in fact raised with canines.
Since it started in the mid 90s there have been no reports of any attacks against people, although some beleive this is because the animals are drugged. The animals dont mind being close up to humans and children and having photographs being taken and even stroked.
The keepers at the zoo state that if their animals were sedated in any way they would have died a long time ago with continuous doses on a daily basis.
As well as lions and tigers the zoo has bears, elephants, many reptiles and birds. A lot of these creatures were once illegal pets and have now been given into care of the zoo after outgrowing their owners and environment.
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