Christmas Gift Ideas for your Domestic Pet and Friend

christmas gift

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Domestic Pet and Friend

Christmas Gift, choose for your  Pets

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Stuck for what to get your four-legged friend for Christmas this year? This pet tipi is the perfect gift for stylish cats and dogs. This tipi also comes with a handmade wool pompom garland to add a festive touch to your pet’s new sleeping place. If you want to make your gift extra-special, the tipi can also be monogrammed with your pet’s name. What a great Christmas gift.

Don’t forget your furry friends this year when decorating your Christmas tree! These quirky handcrafted Christmas decorations can be personalised with your loved ones name, right down to their breed and colour. Available for dogs, cats and even ponies, the decorations are crafted from birch wood and engraved with your pet’s name or a personal message.

This is sure to keep your cat occupied for hours on end. Packed with catnip, the ball also has a catnip-filled tail for your beloved pussy to chase around.

Ahoy there! This is the ultimate activity centre Christmas gift for moggies. Fully-equipped with a dangly toy, ribbons and a hidey hole, there’s endless catty or kitty fun to be had.

Your pampered pooch will love this Santa toy. Fitted with a water bottle for your dog to sink his teeth into, the replaceable bottle means your dog can crunch on this toy time and time again.
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