Choosing Buying and Keeping a Horse or Pony

Choosing Buying and Keeping a Horse or Pony

Essential things to know when choosing and buying a horse or pony.
Having a horse or pony for yourself can be a very pleasant experience. Bonds of trust and understanding can be developed, which will mean a successful time with your horse or pony and be able to fully enjoy your time together.

Buying your horse or pony.

Time committment is a daily essential which cannot be missed.
Do you understand the basics of looking after your steed or would you employ someone to do it for you.

Have you somewhere to keep your horse, your own property, or would you need to rent a stable or field, all costs that cannot be ignored. Is there somewhere close by where riding can be done AND safely.
Can you actually afford to keep your horse, the hidden costs can be crippling especially vet fees or if your horse has a long term health problem.

Buying the right horse or pony for you and your family.

You must buy a horse that suits you and your family. Is it suitable for kids to ride, has it the right temerperament
Always seek advice from an expert, they have been there and done it, learn from their mistakes. dont make the same ones.
There are many factors in the purchase price, the age, the health, its breeding history, etc.
The breed of horse can determine your purchase eg if it is to be kept outdoors then a hardy breed must be considerd.

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