How to Choose the Right Cat Bed for Your Pet

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How to Choose the Right Cat Bed for Your Pet

How to Choose the Right Cat Bed.

Cat beds come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and cloth. Your pussy won’t even notice color or pattern the colour so choose a color that suits your decor. With all the varieties on the market today, you should be able to find a comfortable one to match your personal tastes.

Things to consider for a happy healthy kitty.
Choose the right size. Make sure your cat can stretch out comfortably, but don’t get one that is too big because cats feel more secure and comfortable in smaller snugglier places. You may want to measure your cat from his head to the base of his tale and add a few inches. Measuring your kitty first is especially important when buying via the Internet.
Choose one that is easy for your cat to get in and get out of. If you have a kitten or older cat, you’ll want to make extra sure that the walls of the bed are low enough so that your kitten or elderly cat can get in and out easily. A classic-style cat bed has a shorter entrance area with high walls to keep your cat feeling snug.
Natural fabrics for the lining and stuffing are best. This provides extra comfort for your cat and helps with some allergies. Natural fabrics include cottons, wool, feathers, and kapok. Synthetic fibers that are hypoallergenic are also good.
Choose one that is machine-washable. This will allow you to keep your cat’s sleeping area clean and free from the dreaded fleas and also from allergens.

The Best Place Location
Your pet needs a clean, quiet, and private place to sleep and chill out. This place should be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And even if your cat sleeps with you some of the time, she should still have a suitable place or two of her own. If you have a multi-level home,think about having a place for your cat on all the different levels.
Experiment by placing the cat furniture in different areas of your home. This will show you where your cat likes best. Or take your cat’s lead by placing a bed or bedding in the locations he has already chosen as favourite spots.

How to Get Your Cat to Use it
It’s not unusual for you to bring home a wonderful new cat bed and find that your moggie mate will just ignore it. If this is the case, you need to try to make the new furniture more appealing.
Put it in your cat’s fave spot or where they already sleep.
Leave favourite treats in the bed.
Use a small amount of catnip spray around the bed.
Praise your cat with special petting when he uses the bed.
Put one of your cat’s items in the bed, like a favorite pillow.

Good luck and persevere.

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