Cats, What Human Foods Are Safe For Your Cat To Eat

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Cats, What Human Foods Are Safe For Your Cat To Eat

What human foods are safe for cats?

Cats are usually more fussier than dogs in their eating habits, but they can get it wrong and eat something which isn’t good for them. It’s important for cat owners to understand which human-foods their pets can and can’t eat.

Can cats eat cheese? No – many cats are lactose intolerant, they can’t digest the lactose in cheese, milk and other dairy products, and  it can cause vomiting and diarrhoea.
Can cats eat chocolate? No – most cats won’t even try to eat it anyway, but if they do  take them to the vet straight away.
Can cats eat eggs? Yes – Cooked eggs can be fed occasionally in small amounts.
Can cats eat bread?  Yes – It is not harmful to cats, but there are better things to feed them. If they do get their teeth on a loaf, take it away from them, but no need to worry.
Can cats eat bananas? Yes – A small amount won’t harm your cat, but there are healthier things to feed them.
Can cats eat ham? Yes – In moderation – it must always be cooked, and not fatty.
Can cats eat pork? Yes – Human fit pork is OK to give your cat, but their own cat food will provide them with more of the nutrients they need. Pork should always be cooked, and never fatty.
Can cats eat rice? Yes – Rice is actually found in many cat foods, and is OK for cats to eat, though it is not nutritionally beneficial on its own, your cat is unlikely to want to eat it plain.
Can cats eat grapes? No – just like dogs, cats can be made poorly by grapes and raisins. Cats probably wont be interested in grapes anyway, but if they are, hide them.
Can cats eat tuna? Yes – Cats can eat canned tuna, but be sure to feed it in small amounts as its strong smell and flavour can become addictive, and make your cat not want to eat anything else – tuna is not enough to constitute a balanced diet.
Can cats eat strawberries? Yes – They can eat strawberries in moderation, but be sure to cut them into small chunks. There is no nutritional benefit, because cats are obligate carnivores.


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