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exotic pets

Ricky Gervais Urges Boris Johnson to End Exotic Pet Trade

Ricky Gervais asks Boris Johnson to End Exotic Pet Trade Ricky Gervais is among several celebs to have signed an open letter urging Boris Johnson to help stop the exotic pet trade.  The open letter was sent on behalf of World Animal Protection and the Campaign to End Wildlife Trade  was signed by 24 NGOs including World Animal Protection, Compassion in World Farming, Four Paws UK and Cruelty Free International. Its distinguished signatories included Ricky, who is frequently outspoken about animal [...]

great white sharks

Great white shark diet has big surprise for scientists

Great white shark diet has surprise for scientists The first-ever in depth study of the diets of great white sharks off the east Australian coast reveals this predator spends more time feeding around the seabed than first thought. In the sharks’ stomachs they found remains from a variety of fish species that  live on the seafloor or buried in the sand. This indicates the sharks must spend a good lot of time foraging just above the seabed. . The study examined [...]

exotic pets

The Exotic Pet Trade Explained and Information

The Exotic Pet Trade Explained Every year millions of exotic animals are traded around the globe, destined for owners basements and backyards. A Lot of this trade is legal, but numerous times animals are captured from the wild illegally to supply the demand for exotic pets. People have kept exotic pets throughout history, but demand for unique creatures has boomed in recent years. Many exotic pets are bred in captivity. Conservationists  see captive breeding as a way to save wild animals from poaching for [...]

imported dogs

‘Stop and think’ before buying dogs from abroad, says vet

It’s after Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury said that a puppy they had bought from Russia died just six days after they received him. The couple say they’re heartbroken. The company that sold  the dog insist he was healthy and says it only uses reputable Russian breeders. If you are buying a puppy you ought to be researching where they are bred, seeing the environment they’ve been brought up in and  seeing them with their mother as. BUT that’s all [...]

devon rex cat breed

The Devon Rex Cat. Info About The Breed.

Devon Rex Cat This strange looking cat is the “E. T.” of the moggy world. It has short, wide-cheeked face, big low-set bat wing type ears and sculpted body. Do not think that this makes the cat ugly. It also has a great sense of mischief and a pixie-like disguise! This creature was first discovered in Devon, England, in 1960, near  Cornwall where the first Cornish Rex kitten was born in 1950. The Devon Rex is an intelligent and extroverted [...]

Cat declawing: Should it be banned in the USA

Why do people declaw their cats? The most regular type of declawing is called – onychectomy – it involves cutting the bones the claws grow from with a scalpel or laser. This is critically compared to cutting off someone’s toes or fingers at their top joint, and say declawing can affect a cat’s balance. There are some instances where the surgery is medically necessary, say, if there is a bad infection in the nail bed, or a tumour”. Many people declaw cats to [...]

Win a Top Rated Sleepeezee dog bed worth up to £140

With a tradition of crafting superb comfortable beds since 1924, Sleepeezee knows what it takes to have a peaceful night’s sleep – for both people and animals alike. That’s why they’ve brought together their brightest minds to design a set of dog beds that offer your pet a paws-itively brill. night’s sleep – launched in partnership with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Sleepeezee’s dog beds are so special? An industry first, Sleepeezee dog beds are the only ones available on the market that [...]

Lewis Hamilton Going Carbon Free By End of 2019

He is well known for speeding around on a race track at silly miles per hour, but Formula One star Lewis Hamilton is giving himself a different kind of goal by attempting to be carbon neutral by the end of2019. He spoke to the press about his concerns for the environment and said he has changed parts of his lifestyle to try and help cut his carbon footprint, firstly by selling his private plane and having a ban on plastics [...]

Britain’s underwater forests could beat climate change says David Attenborough

The UKs underwater forests may be the key to beating climate change, Sir David Attenborough has said as he joins a campaign to save them.  Launching the Help Our Kelp campaign, Sir David said that the algae seaweed was essential for fighting climate change.  The campaign wants to restore a large underwater kelp forest just off the Sussex coast in the first ever marine kelp rewilding initiative.   Kelp forests had before stretched along 40 km of the West Sussex coastline, extending at [...]