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LondonCats International Cat Show and Expo May 2019

For the 1st time in central London, an INTERNATIONAL SHOW and all things FELINE-EXPOSITION Thousands of cat enthusiasts are to attend a fully international cat shows competition with approx. 200 cats, and a plethora of imaginative cat vendors all under one roof. How about that! The moggies are taking centre stage at the LondonCats International Show and Cat Expo,It is the cat equivalent to Crufts, which if you didnt know is for dogs. On a crusade [...]


Moles, Identifying Moles and Preventing Damage.

Moles, Identifying Mole damage and Preventing it. MOLE DAMAGE Moles normally feed on insect pests, soil organisms and grubs including helpful ones like worms.Moles dig deep. Their tunnels are usually at ten inches underground, unless they’re scanning the surface in search of a mate. Search your soil and lawn for tunnels. They look like raised cone-shaped swellings in yourgarden.Surface tunnels or ridges also are an indication moles are present. CONTROL AND PREVENTION HOW TO GET RID OF MOLES Sprinkling dried blood, tobacco on the ground [...]


Plastic Pollution, 8 Ways the UK is Cracking Down.

Around the planet, governments, businesses, and citizens are working to tackle the huge amount of plastic pollution. Now, the UK is very much on board — with a 25-year plan which aims to “set the global gold standard” on eliminating plastic, as per environment minister Michael Gove. 1. Banning Microbeads The tiny plastics are so abundant that as many as 100,000 could be washed down the drain in just one shower. As they’re too small to be filtered [...]

dog shows

Dog Show Information Dates in the UK for April 2019

DOG SHOWS DOG SHOWS APRIL 6th National Terrier Club, Stafford. Mr S Plane, Vane Hall, Blandford Place, Seaham, Co Durham, SR77RX Tel No: 01915812200 07889410852 E-mail: APRIL 13th Hound Association of Scotland, Kelso. Mr T H Johnston, North Lodge, Mossknowe, Kirkpatrick Fleming, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire DG11 3BE Tel No: 01461800372 E-mail: APRIL 20th Working & Pastoral Breeds [...]


Cop Rescues Kitten Stranded on an American Highway

A US police officer found himself on an urgent rescue mission a few days before last Christmas and is now finding his home a little more crowded. Police Officer Jason Smith, from Kansas was driving in his patrol car down the left lane of I-29 when he spotted a globe of fur on the central barrier wall that split the highway.  Radioing for help to traffic control, Officer Smith pulled over in the far left lane and exited his [...]

feral cats

Britain’s Increasing Feral Cats, Our Wildlife Will Suffer

Britain’s Increasing Feral Cats, Our Wildlife Will Suffer unless action is taken. Britain is one of the least wooded countries in Europe and there are fewer places where large predators can hide. The wolf is gone and surveys have revealed that the wildcat is facing the prospect of extinction. Estimates vary on how many remain in the Scottish Highlands, but a total population of 400 or so was generally accepted. English place-names such as Catcliffe, Catfield, Catford [...]

martin clunes

Martin Clunes Islands of America TV Show

Alaska and Hawaii HAWAII for episode one Islands of America. In Hawaii, Martin Clunes searches out the parts of the state not on the tourist map and meets islanders affected by a huge volcanic eruptions. On an island in Alaska Martin is gobsmacked by the sight of a magnificent Kodiak bear together with her cubs. ‘It was a privilege seeing these creatures in their natural habitat,’ says Martin. He also says he is sickened that hunters will pay $30,000 to [...]

Win Tickets For The National Pet Show Birmingham in November

WIN NATIONAL PET SHOW TICKETS The National Pet Show will be taking place on 3 and 4 of November 2018 at the NEC in Birmingham. It’s the perfect day out for all you pet lovers of all ages: Hundreds of animals to meet Fun and fact filled talks from vet experts Astonishing animal displays And so much more throughout the whole show. The National Pet Show is set to be the biggest event for any animal lover, at the NEC Birmingham on 3rd-4th November. To [...]

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The Death of the UKs Record Breaking Carp

The Death Announced of the UKs Record Breaking Carp In the angling world, he was a celebrity – thats Britain’s biggest carp, the one fishermen spent years trying to catch. And as news of The Parrot’s death spread recently, fishermen were in mourning, paying tributes to the huge 68lb 1oz mirror carp. Mr Hibbs, manager of the Wasing Estate fishery in Berkshire, home to the fish since it was bought at just 12lb, in 1997, said he was devastated, describing The Parrot [...]