Cat declawing: Should it be banned in the USA

Why do people declaw their cats? The most regular type of declawing is called – onychectomy – it involves cutting the bones the claws grow from with a scalpel or laser. This is critically compared to cutting off someone’s toes or fingers at their top joint, and say declawing can affect a cat’s balance. There are some instances where the surgery is medically necessary, say, if there is a bad infection in the nail bed, or a tumour”. Many people declaw [...]

Win a Top Rated Sleepeezee dog bed worth up to £140

With a tradition of crafting superb comfortable beds since 1924, Sleepeezee knows what it takes to have a peaceful night’s sleep – for both people and animals alike. That’s why they’ve brought together their brightest minds to design a set of dog beds that offer your pet a paws-itively brill. night’s sleep – launched in partnership with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Sleepeezee’s dog beds are so special? An industry first, Sleepeezee dog beds are the only ones available on the market that [...]

Lewis Hamilton Going Carbon Free By End of 2019

He is well known for speeding around on a race track at silly miles per hour, but Formula One star Lewis Hamilton is giving himself a different kind of goal by attempting to be carbon neutral by the end of2019. He spoke to the press about his concerns for the environment and said he has changed parts of his lifestyle to try and help cut his carbon footprint, firstly by selling his private plane and having a ban on plastics [...]

Britain’s underwater forests could beat climate change says David Attenborough

The UKs underwater forests may be the key to beating climate change, Sir David Attenborough has said as he joins a campaign to save them.  Launching the Help Our Kelp campaign, Sir David said that the algae seaweed was essential for fighting climate change.  The campaign wants to restore a large underwater kelp forest just off the Sussex coast in the first ever marine kelp rewilding initiative.   Kelp forests had before stretched along 40 km of the West Sussex coastline, extending at [...]

palm oil

Palm Oil in Makeup is Devastating the Planet

Palm oil is a vegetable oil extracted from fruit of oil palms and used in food to cleaning products and fuel, and mostly grown in Africa, Asia and North and South America. It has become a symbol of all the worst things humans are doing to the planet. If you use beauty products , or own shampoo/shower gel, probably you have palm oil products. Palm oil production is responsible for 10% of total greenhouse gas [...]


Insect Based Food Better For Pets Than Regular Meat

Pet owners are being asked by vets to feed their dogs and cats on a diet mainly consisting of insects. The British Veterinary Association says some insect-based foods can be better for pets than the best steak. Vets expect resistance from some pet owners, but they say surveys point to that many would accept insect-based food. The insects which appear to be being used are the larvae of black soldier flies. Advocates say insect protein provides a more environmentally-friendly alternative to [...]


Big Week At The Zoo On Channel 5

Nick Baker and Helen Skelton revisit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, near Doncaster, to celebrate the work that our British zoos perform in the service of worldwide conservation. In the first edition,Monday the 19th August, they look at three, one-month-old, endangered tiger cubs. Yorkshire Vet star Peter Wright gets friendly with a tame tapir. JB Gill gives help as a pygmy hippo is given a much-needed dental procedure and also helps determine the sex of a baby sloth. [...]

dog jog

Dog Jog at Rother Valley Country Park Sheffield 10th August

Event Details The Dog Jog series are special 5k jogging events for you and your pet dog to get fit and have lots of fun. Each event presents a relaxed and fun atmosphere with no times constraints and definitely no pressure. They are also a great opportunity to meet other dog owners in your area. Plus what’s more, when you complete the jog you’ll receive a fantastic Doggy Bag jam-packed with goodies for yourself and your dog, as well [...]

one planet

David Attenboroughs new documentary One Planet, Seven Worlds

David Attenborough is returning to the BBC to present a new natural history series later this year 2019. One Planet, Seven Worlds, has been described as an “ambitious, landmark series”,  The show will explore how the world’s seven continents shaped the diverse animal life found in each one. Each hourly episode will take viewers to a single continent and tell the story of its abundant wildlife and jaw dropping landscapes. It will discover why Australasia is full of peculiar, strange and venomous wildlife, and why [...]