Items for Animals

Dog Cooling Mats

Dog cooling mats are are for dogs who live in hot climates or temperate climates that can have heatwaves. Most are pressure activated and gel cooling mats are an efficient way for dogs to get releif from the heat. They can be used repetetively, so despite their expensive cost, constant use will make it a worthwhile purchase. You cant do enough for your pets. They might not be ideal for pets that chew a lot and may possibly ingeste the [...]

leopard gecko

Leopard Geckos, Some Helpful Information.

Leopard Geckos, Some Helpful Information. Simplest to keep of reptiles. As any fan of reptiles knows, the leopard gecko’s adorable grin draws people in, making this delightful creature popular among people of all ages and experience levels in reptile care. This perky little lizard is an excellent beginner’s lizard since they are usually docile, easy to tame, and have minimal care requirements. These geckos, make superb pets, also known as Leos. Compared to other lizards, they’re a bit different from them. Leopards are small, ground- [...]

pet food dispenser

Win a Mobile Pet and Food Dispenser for Free.

Mobile Pet Camera Win This Mobile Pet and Food Dispenser This mobile pet camera is the newest item available today. It can move freely through remote control 360 degrees. Your pet thinks it is never alone. This pet feeder can automatically dispense a variety of foods through the application. It can dispence crisp cat and dog foods, ca reward your pet anytime and can also interact with them. Its camera can be controlled remotely either up and down through its mobile phone APP, and [...]

le chameau dog beds

Free Dog Competition. Win Le Chameau for You and Your Dog

Win a Le Chameau Bundle for You and Your Four-Legged Friend Win: Portable Dog Bowl, £15 Dog Bed, from £60 Leather Dog Collar, £30 Leather Dog Lead, £35 2 x Vierzonord Neoprene lined wellingtons, £180 each Possibly the Rolls Royce of the wellington world, Le Chameau boots are  quality and craftsmanship. Built to last, the iconic rubber boots have long been favourites of the Royal family. Chameau are the only boots to be handmade by a single master bootmaker, making each pair genuinely unique. Using the best quality materials [...]

dog bed

Which Dog Bed For Your Pet This Christmas?

Its got to be a VioVet Chunky Cord Lounger Dog Bed Similar to our original design, but chunkier. Thick, super soft cord covers the inside of these doggy beds, making them just right for the winter months and incredibly inviting. A traditional and functional bed that can deal with things from moulting, to muddy paws and accidents! When one side of the cushion is damp or dirty, turn it over, so they can bed down, dry and warm. Dried dirt can be brushed or [...]


WIN a Years Supply of Healthy Dentastix For Your Dog

Free Competition Doggy  oral hygiene is as important as ours. Dogs use their mouth for everything, having healthy teeth and gums is essential for them. With the help of vets and nutritionists , Pedigree has developed a range of tasty dog chews that reduce plaque and tartar build-up. DentaStix dog chews are scientifically proven to reduce tartar build up by up to 80% when fed daily The combination of special chewy texture and active ingredients is what makes Pedigree DentaStix dog chews work Dental Dog [...]

cat litter box

Free Competition. Win a Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Win a self-cleaning cat litter box You’re pet can have a better potty. This scoop free self-cleaning litter box will keep your cat happy with a fresh box without regular scooping. The Pet Loo portable indoor or outdoor toilet for cats , dogs,  and small pets is a handy alternative to pee pads, litter boxes and midnight bathroom breaks. Seen on ITV’s This Morning show. It’s the only self-cleaning litter box that uses disposable litter trays, giving hands off convenience and [...]

free competition

Win a Bundle of Dog and Cat Sensitive Food Bundle

Free Competition:  Win a Bundle of Dog and Cat Sensitive Food Bundle Help keep those allergies at bay this year with our sensitive diets.  Our very special recipes are gentle on the digestion system and overflowing with omega 3 and other beneficial ingredients for your pets healthy skin. There are two big prizes up for grabs in our prize draw,  a cat prize and a dog prize. The lucky dog will win: 1 x 12kg bag of sensitive dog food (chose between sensitive/adult, sensitive [...]

dog beds

Dog Beds, Choose One Of The Top Rated Ones.

Dog Beds, Choose A Top Rated One. Dogs spend about half their lives sleeping. It’s important to get them a bed that’s comfy, supportive and lasting. If you’re buying for a puppy, you’ll need to get something comfortingly snug and crate-compatible, but also affordable because as they grow you will need a larger one. Older dogs may suffer from joint pain, so a memory foam mattresses can be a good buy. It’s important to get the size right – most websites [...]