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Training Your Dog with Love and Kindness Book

Training the Best Dog Ever, originally published in hardback as The Love That Dog Training Program, is a book based on love and kindness. It features a program of positive reinforcement and no-fail techniques that author Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz used to train Bo Obama the White House dog and each of Senator Edward Kennedy’s dogs, amongst many others.This book, Training the Best Dog Ever relies on trust and treats, not those choke collars; on bonding, not lead-yanking or scolding [...]

Win our Latest Free Photo Competition

FREE ENTRY COMPETITION Have a go at entering our latest competition to win this little bundle; A catnip play toy, A cat flea comb, 2 in 1 tick remover, A collapsible cat bowl, Cat litter wipes and cat litter tray liners. All you have to do is upload a photo of your pet, whether it be a hamster or horse – anything inbetween is also quite acceptable. It doesnt have to be professional photo quality, its your pet that counts. It can be an interior or exterior image, funny [...]

Dry Dog Shampoo is the New Craze, Try Some

Dry dog shampoo is the new crazy in doggy gear It removes dirt, oil and odour from your dog in between baths The dry dog shampoo comes in scents like blueberry, muffin and even lemonade Some dog owners use it to make their dog’s hair more fluffy Today you can buy almost every product imaginable for your dog including high chairs so your dog can sit at the table with you, dog jewellery bling bling!, and even underwear (honest). Now, there’s a new product [...]


Pet Valentines Day Gifts for Your Precious Lovable Friend

Pet Valentines Day Gifts Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and many of you will be giving your pets a special gift or treat. There are so many holiday-themed pet gifts it makes your head spin — lots of lovey-dovey, heart-shaped this or that for your pet. But not all traditional gifts are safe. With food or treats, for example, ingredients such as chocolate, xylitol and grapes can be toxic to cats and dogs. Catnip Pickle First, we’ll break from the traditional red or [...]

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Pet Gifts For Christmas, What to Buy for Yours

Pet Gifts For Christmas Fantastic Christmas presents for cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs (and other small animals too!), all brought to you by One Stop Pet Shop at guaranteed cheapest prices with rapid UK delivery Pets deserve treats at Christmas too, so we have assembled a great range of christmas gifts ideas for dogs and cats, or anything that is your beloved pet. Besides Christmas gifts we also have extensive must have and essential items for pets for their wellbeing, [...]

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Free Pet Competition Win a Dog Duvet and Dog Bed

**FREE PET COMPETITION TIME*** They are giving one lucky follower the chance to WIN a Lumberjack Box duvet and a Boot Bed. All you have to do is LIKE & COMMENT on their Facebook post with a picture of your dog. Don’t forget to SHARE so your friends and family can enter too Closes 30th September Enter competition here Products from [...]

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Dog Quiz. How Good is Your General Knowledge on Canines

TAKE THE DOG QUIZ Humans have lived with dogs for thousands of years, but just how well do you know our canine companions? Test your knowledge of man’s best friend! 20 Doggy Questions 1. How many teeth in a normal adult dog? A) 24 B) 38 C) 42 D) 32 2. From which part of the body do dogs sweat? A) Mouth B) Ears C) Nose D) Paws 3. True or False: Dogs can only see in black and white. 4. What is the most common training command taught to dogs? A) Stay B) Beg C) [...]


Hedgehogs, A declining Species. Give Them an Igloo Shelter

Hedgehogs are on the decline in the UK The Igloo Hedgehog House gives hedgehogs and other small mammals a safe refuge from the many hazards they face on a daily basis such as gardening tools ie strimmers, forks, spades, also domestic pets and other predators like badgers and foxes. It is also much safer than piles of leaves, compost heaps and bonfire piles. Comprising of a round painted steel frame with a water-proofed roof it is covered with a brush wood finish [...]


Win a Pet Snuffle Mat for You and a Charity

WIN for yourself and pet and a charity *COMPETITION TIME* They are giving away 2 Snuffle Mats; 1 to the lucky winner and 1 to their chosen animal charity. All you have to do to enter is: 1. Like the Pet Snuffle Mat East Midlands page 2. Tagging a friend in the comments who would also like to win a mat would be great 3. Tell us which charity you’re choosing & why The competition closes when the page reaches 1000 likes and remember sharing [...]