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pets and flooding

Flood Safety Tips For Pets, | Keeping Your Pets Safe

Sufficient preparation before floods is an important part of protecting animals and pets in floods. Your pet relies solely on you for their safety. Do the following: 1. Do Human Shelters Allow Animals, Find Out Now Local authorities often arrange for people shelters during flood. They have a policy on what can be allowed. Get flood advice on whether your pet will be accommodated with you. If not, you may want to get contacts of the shelters and areas designed for [...]

Cats Teeth And How To Look After Them, Prevent Disease

How many teeth do cats have? As with humans, cats are born with no teeth. At 2/3 weeks old their 26 milk teeth start to show through their gums. The milk teeth start to fall out when the kitten is around four months old and kittens have a full set of 30 permanent teeth by the time they are 6/8 months old. Keeping your cat’s teeth clean Like humans, cats need to have a daily oral care regime. It’s important to [...]

Are Labradors Good Family Pets to Own.

Labradors are generally considered to be good family pets and this is totally true, for a lot of families. But not for all of them! They have a reputation for being outgoing, gentle and easy to train. While no two dogs of any breed will behave exactly the same, the general opinion is that they make great family pets. However, there are some characteristics of the breed to bear in mind before making a decision of becoming an owner. This article will [...]

Recyclable Coat Hangers Developed By Fashion Designer.

A recyclable clothes hanger has been produced by a fashion designer in a way to end the use of those plastic ones. Roland Mouret comments that plastic hangers are the “plastic straw” of the fashion industry and he has developed the world’s only sustainable brand. They are constructed out of 80% recycled plastic recovered from the oceans and 20% recyclable plastic, and they also feature aluminium hooks. Current use plastic coat hangers are difficult to recycle because of how they are [...]

Plastic In Our Canals, How You Can Help

The plastics and litter in our oceans is a worldwide problem. One that seems out of reach from our own neighbourhoods. But there is a way you can make a big difference on your own doorstep. Take the PlasticsChallenge  The next time you visit a waterway close to you: Pick up just one piece of plasticTake a photo of you with it and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #PlasticsChallengeTake it home with you and bin it or better still recycle If [...]

Herons and Otters Comeback, the Wildlife of Canals

Canals are often seen as a second-class copy of a river. That may go back to their industrial history. From a wildlife point of view canals and rivers are pretty interchangeable. Wait quietly and a kingfisher could appear, usually spotted by its persistent high-pitched call followed by a flash of blue and orange as it flies up or down stream. Herons usually hunt for fish and frogs, either perched on the bank or standing in the shallow [...]

Mountain Gorilla One Step Away From Extinction

With only 5000 Eastern gorillas (Gorilla beringei) being left on the planet, this species now faces the risk of entirely disappearing. Four out of six of the planets great apes are now severely endangered, and only one step away from being extinct, this includes the Eastern Gorilla, Western Gorilla, Bornean Orangutan and Sumatran Orangutan. Chimps and bonobos are also listed as endangered. War, hunting and land loss to refugees in the past 20 years have led to a [...]

Cats, Which Breed is Britain’s Most Popular

There are certain regions in Britain that seem even more cat lovers than others. Top of the shop are Wales, the South West and the South East. In fact, a staggering 5% of cat owners in the South East live with a family of five or more cats!. The most popular choice of cat in the UK is the moggy – a cat that does not hold a pedigree – and 55% of owners have this type of cat. Possibly, this also [...]

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Britain’s Most Popular Dog

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, also affectionately known as a Staffie, is a breed of small to medium sized dog, short-haired, that was developed in Staffordshire, England, where else? and northern parts of midlands city Birmingham. The breed first originated by crossing the Bulldog and Black and Tan Terrier, and evolved over time with the excess of other breeds for refinement of purpose which, in mid-19th century Victorian England, was varmint control and dog fighting. The Staffie is considered [...]