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wild birds

Imagine a World Without Birds, Total Disaster!

Imagine a World Without Our Wild Birds, Collapse of the Eco System? Every day we here bird song, yet don’t pay attention to it. Take the key stone from a bridge, and the entire structure collapses. On earth, the same can happen; many species represent this key stone, and wild birds are no exception. A planet without wild birds would be chaos. The effect on flora. In one recent New Zealand study, the stitchbird (hihi) became almost extinct. As a consequence of this the [...]


Lyme Disease, It Affects Pets, Other Animals and Humans

What is Lyme Disease? Lyme disease is an infection caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, sometimes known as Lyme Borreliosis. Animals and birds carry the it in their bloodstream and ticks may pick this up whilst feeding on an infected animal and pass it on to others and humans during the next meal. Where is it found? Lyme disease can be found throughout the UK and is on the increase. Avril Lavigne has spoken about her struggle with Lyme disease after being [...]

dog leash

Dog Leash and Collar, What Type Should I Choose

Simple Dog Leash and Collar If you don’t have problems on a walk, this can be a great tool. It allows you to keep your dog safely by your side and out of trouble. Recommended for easygoing, dogs with no obedience problems.Walk with your dog by your side or behind you. This is important to establishing your position in the pack. Slip collar For dogs with issues when walking, the training lead can be a great tool for correcting misbehaviors. If your [...]

Grooming Horses, Watch the Video For How To Do It

Grooming a Horse Video 1. Grooming gets your hands on your horse. A good daily groom doesn’t have to take an hour. If you do it daily, your average time expenditure should actually be minimal. But during this daily routine you have an opportunity to get your hands on every inch of your horse, and what better way to quickly assess your horse’s health? 2. Grooming acts as preventive medicine. A good grooming session increases blood flow to the skin’s surface, massages large [...]


RSPCA – How and When Did This Organisation Start

The RSPCA a short history of its founding. Founded in 1824 Our beginnings were in a London coffee shop in 1824. The people present knew they were creating the world’s first animal welfare charity, but they couldn’t have guessed the size and shape that the charity would become today. T the start we were the SPCA – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Royal patronage followed in 1837 and Queen Victoria gave her permission to add the royal R in [...]

Sighthounds, Training Your Young Greyhound or Lurcher Dog

Sighthounds – understanding your dog. Sighthounds are notoriously independent and will look for any chance to pursue an interesting scent or moving animal. Because of this, hounds are often perceived as stubborn and impossible to train. The real truth is that hounds just have different motivations than their non-hound peers. When you’re working with a hound, it’s important to understand his innate desires and to incorporate those into his training. There are two distinct subgroups within the hound group: the scent [...]


Beavers in Devon Helping to Reduce Local Flooding

A Reintroduction of Beavers in Devon are Helping to Reduce Local Flooding From their trial reintroduction in Devon, the animal’s skills have reduced floodwater and created a haven for local wildlife. The beavers, resident on three hectares of woodland near Okehampto could be part of the solution. In the five years since they moved there, they have felled trees, dug channels, constructed dams and made an impressive home for themselves. The Devon project targets three key indicators: water storage, flood attenuation and [...]

tail docking

Tail Docking, Weird Reasons Why its Done

Tail Docking, Weird Reasons Why its Started. Tail docking is the practice of removing a dog’s tail without anesthesia when it is a puppy. It is a procedure that has been restricted or banned in many parts of the globe, but is still popular in The US and Canada. The first recorded incidence of tail docking was in Ancient Rome; Roman shepherds believed that removing the top of a dog’s tail on the “puppy’s fortieth day” stopped rabies. Later, hunting dogs’ tails [...]


Foraging for Mushrooms, an APP to Help You identify Them

Ever fancied foraging for wild mushrooms to add to a meal or a salad but never done so because of the risk of picking the wrong variety and getting seriously ill. Well this may be the answer, an APP for identifying mushrooms whilst foraging in fields and forests. Mushroom Id Mushroom Id is a field guide to identifying fungi for safe picking. It is available for the iPhone, ipad,  iPod Touch and Android devices. The app has been developed by professional published ecologists with [...]