Cat Litter Tray the CatGenie Solves All The Problems


Cat Litter Tray the CatGenie Solves All The Problems

CATGENIE cat litter tray
The only automatic cat litter tray box that flushes the cat waste
away and, like your furry pet, washes itself clean. Honest! It saves you cash as well!
The Catgenie uses permanent Washable Granules that never ever need changing
Comfy CatGenie Granules satisfy your cats need to dig and re-cover
Costs less to run than most alternative litter trays
The CatGenie appliance takes cat litter out of your life forever
One-time, easy DIY connection to water; set to start automatically
Tested, used and recommended by vets across the UK, CatGenie is unlike all cat litter boxes.
It does more than any other automatic litter boxes. The CatGenie acts like a cat box, works like a toilet, and cleans like a modern washing machine.

1) It requires a one-time, simple DIY hook up to cold water and an electric socket and the cat litter tray is ready
2) CatGenie uses litter-like Washable Granules to comply with your cat’s need to dig and cover.
3) When your cat goes, the liquid drains away from the Granules so only the waste gets flushed away.
4) When cleaning starts, the GenieHand scoops out the solid waste, which gets liquefied for safe, easy removal.
5) Clean water fills the basin and the GenieHand scrubs and scours cat box and Granules.
6) The cat-safe SaniSolution decontaminates the Granules and cat box of germs and smells.
7) Liquefied waste and sudsy water get flushed down the toilet or drain and safely out of your home.
8) A hot-air blower completely dries the Granules and cat box ready for your cat’s next visit.


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