Cat Litter, New Product to Last 30 Days

cat litter

Cat Litter, New Product to Last 30 Days


You love your cats, but let’s face it you don’t want your home to smell like a litter box. 30 Day Super-Absorbent Litter from Simple Solution is unlike any cat litter you’ve ever used before. It’s a new kind of cat litter. It doesn’t mask the odor; its powerful odor technology actually changes the odor molecules, eliminating the smell completely. Plus, you never have to scoop urine ever again—saving you hassle and cash.

It is strong enough to eliminate litter box odors in even the toughest several cat households.

A good three times more absorbent than standard cat litters, so it works faster and better.

No scooping
The unique Attapulgite clay is so effective, it doesn’t need to clump—so you don’t have to scoop out the urine ever again.


Our unique, pure Attapulgite clay is so absorbent that it can simply soak up urine without all the clumping. This means less time spent scooping, and with more absorbance each box lasts longer—saving you time and money.

Other cat litters just mask and cover up unpleasant odors. Not 30 Day Super-Absorbent Litter. Our new technology chemically bonds with odor molecules and forms a new, odorless molecule. Total odor control.

A Cat Owner Says:
“The thing I love about this product is the amazing ability it has to just last so long, I can’t believe it can go weeks and weeks and weeks without odour.  What this cat litter says it’s going to do, it definitely does.”

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