Cat Health – Keeping Them in Prime Condition

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Cat Health – Keeping Them in Prime Condition

Cat Health – help them stay in Purrrfect condition

Cats are very agile and active pets, when they are not napping that is, known for their curiosity. For this reason, many people find they are easily humoured by the feline species’ innate sense of independence, and enjoy spending time with these furry little creatures with big personalities.

It is no wonder that cat owners want to do whatever it takes to help their animal companions live long and healthy lives. Promoting longevity in your pet is not achieved by any miracle cure, but rather results from consistent effort throughout your cat’s life. By combining a well-rounded preventative care regime, an increase in the amount of exercise your pet experiences, and a boost to the nutritional value of your cat’s diet, you may be able to carry your pet through over a decade of play, laughter, and fun.

Preventative Care Starts Early: Preparing Your Pet for a Long and Healthy Life
One of the most important aspects of cat health maintenance for your cat is preventative medicine – and prevention begins the moment that a cat is born. Staying ahead on regular vaccinations, anti-parasitic medications, and other preventative treatments can greatly reduce the risk of your beloved moggy developing illnesses and diseases. Since regulations regarding what medicines are required of domesticated animals often change, consultation with your vet on an annual basis is necessary to help you ensure that you stay in compliance with policy.

Another key facet of preventative care for cats is maintenance of your pet’s dental hygiene – though it is often overlooked by pet owners. The task of taking care of your cat’s teeth and gums is pretty simple: with a small toothbrush and a pea-sized drop of toothpaste that is specially made for your cat’s mouth, gently massage the teeth and gum areas to remove plaque and any other buildup. Cats that are more finicky about the process of having their teeth brushed often can take dental health treats, designed to remove plaque as cats eat, for their brushing routine. Frequently serving crunchy dry food to your cat can also reduce the risk of buildup forming inside its mouth.

Achieving Regular Activity: Both Play and Exercise Are Critical to Cat Health
It is very important for cats to have access to toys and enough space for to play each day. Surely, stereotypes tell us that cats are fat, lazy, and lounge around all day – and vets agree that it is healthy for cats to have relaxation time as well. However, play can help build the strength of your pet’s muscles, and staying active can prevent troubles with your cat’s joints and ligaments over time. It is far easier for active cats to maintain a healthy weight through engagement in exercise than simply through calorie restriction.

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