Cat declawing: Should it be banned in the USA

Cat declawing: Should it be banned in the USA

Why do people declaw their cats?

The most regular type of declawing is called – onychectomy – it involves cutting the bones the claws grow from with a scalpel or laser.

This is critically compared to cutting off someone’s toes or fingers at their top joint, and say declawing can affect a cat’s balance.

There are some instances where the surgery is medically necessary, say, if there is a bad infection in the nail bed, or a tumour”.

Many people declaw cats to stop them from scratching their furniture, which some people call an act of mutilation as it only benefits the cats owner.

Attitudes are different across the Atlantic. Whilst many European countries signed a treaty forbidding the practice in the early 1990s.

Some studies suggest that between 20% and 25% of pet cats in the US have been declawed.

In the UK, declawing is usually rare even before it was outlawed in 2006.

Declawing was something that was not taught at vet schoo. It was banned as more Americans came to the UK with declawed cats.

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