Canadian Man Arrested After Balloon Chair Flight

Canadian Man Arrested After Balloon Chair Flight

Canadian Man Arrested After Balloon Chair Flight.

A Canadian man has found himself in trouble with police after he attached 150 helium balloons to a lawn chair and floated off into the skies over Calgary city.
The promotional stunt, which was aimed at publicising a cleaning company, went wrong and Daniel Boria, 26, had to jump from his makeshift aircraft, injuring his ankles.
“He had no control device on the balloons and was really just travelling by the grace of the wind,” Derek Mojaher, Mr Boria’s business partner, told ABC News.

Mr Boria, who carried with him a GPS and oxygen tank, told the Calgary Herald that his flight was “the most fun thing” he had ever done.
“It was incredibly peaceful up there,” he said.
The stunt was months in the making and cost $12,000 for the helium alone.
Police were called after a member of the public spotted Mr Boria in the chair flying over the city centre. At one point he reached “cloud level” police said.
Officers said Mr Boria “jumped from the chair and opened a parachute attached to his back.”

He missed his landing zone and sustained minor injuries to his ankles.
He was arrested and charged with mischief causing danger to life and has since been released.
It is not known where the chair and balloons ended up. Anybody who finds them please return to sender!!

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