Calcium is Important For Your Pet Bird

Calcium is Important For Your Pet Bird

Birds need calcium for a healthy body and life, here’s more information for you.
Cuttlebone (which comes from a type of squid – a cuttlefish) and mineral blocks provide a stable form of calcium, , for your pet birds. You can easily secure these to items to your cage bars for easy access for the bird. The soft side of the cuttlebone should be facing the bird, not the hard side, which they might not be able to scrape and peck through. These items also generally often contain trace minerals which are so important to a bird’s daily bodily functions:

Iron — for red blood cell formation and function, taking oxygen in the bloodstream and egg production.

Manganese — to properly metabolize fats and sugars and improve the chances of eggs hatching.

Potassium — maintains normal heart and muscle activity

Zinc — increases immune system generally

Copper — for good circulation and healing

Magnesium — activates enzymes

Phosphorus — for calcium metabolism

Sodium — for almost every bodily function

Even if your bird has access to a cuttlebone, it will still need to absorb the mineral from foods, such as leafy greens, because these natural sources are more readily digestible. Look after your feathered pets and the rewards will be superb. A healthy bird is a happy bird which then a happy you.

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