UK Pet Register

UK Pet Register

UK Pet Register

The UK Missing Pets Register is fully self funded and supported. We are on the lookout however for sponsors or advertisers who would like to assist in the promotion of our website. We also have leaflets and window stickers available and anyone who would like to pass them out to friends, family, and business associates or if your local veterinary clinic would like to display a few for us we would very much like to hear from you.
If you have lost a pet and would like to place a pet listing on our website, the first step to take is that you will need to register and create a free account.
If you have found a pet and would like to place a found pet listing, then you will need to register to create a free account.
We operate 9 Missing Pet Registers and 9 Found Pet Registers, we have tried to cover as many family pets as possible, so please select the correct pet type and breed for the pet listing, if the breed is unknown a sometimes it is hard to diagnose such breeds, please select the one you think is the closest match. If possible, and this is important, please try and add a photograph when you report the pet as missing or found, this helps greatly in any identifications.

We also add the missing pet listings that are reported to us, to our Facebook Twitter and Google+ social accounts, so please like and follow us on these and also share your pet listing on your own social pages. There are direct link buttons on each pet listing page and the more shares and posts each pet listing receives gives a greater chance that the pet can be re-united.

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