UK Budgies

UK Budgies

UK Budgies

Here at UK Budgies we breed all lovely and beautiful budgies all year round. We are based in Braintree in Essex. We pride ourselves with being a caring, loving, and clean budgie breeder. Our budgie’s vary in colour and price, the most popular budgie we sell is the hand tameables. These are ideal as pets for children and are easy to tame as they are very friendly and will sit on your finger.

Our website also gives info on bird proofing, budgerigar diseases, budgie nail trimming, budgie cleaning, clipping wings, budgie foods and budgie cages,

We sell violet budgies, rainbow budgies, lutino budgies, albini budgies, breeding pairs, spare hen budgies, spare cock budgies, aviary budgies, we sell mostly every kind of budgie you can imagine,but we will no longer be selling full circular crested budgies, sorry!

Business Address:
Braintree, Essex

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