The British Short Hair Cat Club

The British Short Hair Cat Club

The British Short Hair Cat Club

Home of the most popular pedigree cat…
Welcome to the British Shorthair Cat Club
The British Shorthair Cat Club caters for the largest GCCF registered pedigree cat the wonderful British Shorthair.
The Objectives & Aims of the Club
(a)To safeguard the wellbeing of the British Shorthair and all cats.
[b] To encourage responsible cat owning and breeding of the British Shorthair.
(c) To participate in Seminars, in conjunction with the British Shorthair Breed Advisory Committee.
i. Formulate and recommend revision, where necessary, of the Standard of Points and Registration Policy for the British Shorthair.
ii. To support and work in partnership with the British Shorthair Breed Advisory Committee in the selection and promotion of Judges.
(d) To hold an annual Breed Show.

The cats have dense, plush coats that are usually described as crisp or cracking,in the way the way the coat breaks over the contours of the cat’s body. Their eyes are large, round and widely set and can be a several colours, though the copperor gold eyes of the British Blue are the best known. Their heads are round with full, chubby cheeks and their bodies are big and muscular. The breed has a broad chest and shoulders, short legs, round paws and a plush tail with a blunt tip.

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