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S A Aquatic

S A Aquatic

S A Aquatic
A Aquatic has been providing aquarium maintenance services in London from 2006. Our service includes maintenance for fresh water aquariums, ponds and custom aquariums. SA Aquatic has a high standard for the presentation of the home or office aquarium and or pond. All services are conducted in a professional manner and tanks are maintained to the highest level.

SA AQUATIC offers a full service pond maintenance program, including pond cleaning, pond shut-downs and openings. Our pond maintenance work includes:

Cleaning debris basket and skimmer filter pad (if equipped)
Checking for shifted rocks
Checking hardware
Checking pond liner edges
Touching up gravel around edges as needed
Trimming aquatic plants and dead head

Removing string algae from stream if required
Replenishing fish food supply
Adding Aquaclearer

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