PooGone – Dog Waste Disposal

PooGone – Dog Waste Disposal

PooGone – Dog Waste Disposal
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PooGone – Dog Waste Disposal

The UKs Dependable Dog Waste Cleaning & Disposal
From The Professionals That You Can Trust

PooGone Ltd specialize in affordable cleaning and disposal of Dog waste in the UK.
We can provide our services to domestic, commercial, council and all other public areas.

We can collect all visible waste then with a specialist disinfectant to thoroughly sanitize the area that has been fouled.
The specialist disinfectant we use is biodegradable so is safe for all the family and their pets, The product we use is chosen by

Veterinary Surgeons
Top Breeders
Animal Charities and Sanctuaries

Keeping the area your pet spends most its time clean, is essential for both your family and your pets health.

Removal of faeces helps to prevent infection and infestation of various bacteria and parasites such as Toxocarias which is
caused by roundworms, campylobacter and tapeworms.

Forget the problems and hassle of cleaning up after your dog!

Spend more time with your family and pet!

Be assured areas have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

After long hours at work don’t worry about doing the dirty work!

What Ever You Want To Call It, Waste, Poo, Poop let PooGone Clear it for you!

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Ipswich, Suffolk
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