Peekaboo Pet Services

Peekaboo Pet Services

Peekaboo Pet Services

WALKING ONLY – Our services include a pack walk or an individual walk, whichever is your preference. The pets are picked up and dropped off at their own home. and paws will be cleaned, wet coats towel-dried (or “hairdryered” if you prefer at an extra token cost), any medicines and feed given if required, fresh water in their bowls and your dog settled. All walks are with the safety of your dog in mind so we only let dogs off-lead if the owner gives permission and in designated areas.

DOGGY DAY CARE – You drop off your dog(s) in the morning and they spend all day doing doggy activities Walking, training, playing, sleeping….more walking, playing etc!! They meet with other dogs all day, (some stay with us the whole day,

SLEEP-OVER AND DOGGY HOLIDAY – This can be for one night, or up to a month. Kenneling can be stressful and lonely. They get limited contact with other dogs and people. They only get exercised on a lead in mostestablishments. This can be quite damaging to them both mentally and physically (i.e. kennel cough). Without their ‘pack’ some dogs are unsettled. This is why we ask for your dogs’ own bed, bowls etc. They have constant company as described on the Doggy Daycare section.

DOGGY BEHAVIOURS AND UNRULY DOGS – £20 per session (1 hour approx.) This services includes issues such as training to sit, lie down, recall, fearful aggression, barking, waiting for food, door etiquette (waiting at the door for you to go first), stopping unwanted behaviours (jumping up, not waiting for food, stealing/chewing shoes and socks!) and of course walking to heel on the lead.

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