Pawfectly Groomed

Pawfectly Groomed

Pawfectly Groomed

Our dog wear and horse wear has consistently proved its worth, and now has a global following with clients in all corners of the world from Australia to Siberia, Spain to Botswana, Norway to Japan.

Fleece Garments for Dogs
100% water-repellent, warm, wicking, fully washable but also incredibly comfortable – as attested by the dogs themselves. Whether you choose a Dog Coat or a Dog Jumper the functionality of the garment is second to none.
For Horses In Fluorescent Yellow, Ultra-Brite Pink and Blaze Orange, our exercise sheets, quarter sheets and saddle cloths are 100% water repellent, wicking and washable, saving you time and keeping you safe.

The innate properties of fleece mean it keeps your animal dry in the rain with no need to reproof – EVER. Simply put, body heat and fleece combine to create a waterproof layer, and provide an easy-to-wash, easy-to-dry and very easy-to-wear answer to challenging weather conditions.

It’s the same combination of fleece and body heat that work to dry a dog or horse, the fleece wicks the dampness from the animal’s skin and coat and then the body heat pushes it away – no sitting around in a wet towel or cold rug.

We at Equafleece all have pet dogs, and some of us a pet horse or two as well, and the clothing we create is rigorously and regularly tested – you can’t fool an old greyhound in the face of a Dartmoor gale, without the coat he’s not putting a toe over the threshold, rugged up, off he trots. We have socks and neck warmers for humans.

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