North Wales Canine Hydrotherapy

North Wales Canine Hydrotherapy

North Wales Canine Hydrotherapy

We were first introduced to hydrotherapy in 1998 when Nobby, our Labrador was diagnosed with a condition that caused all of his leg joints to be deformed. Unable to operate to rectify the problem the orthopaedic specialist recommended a hydrotherapy pool to strengthen his muscles and keep him mobile as long as possible, Now 11 years old, Nobby has wonky legs an dpoor looking X-rays on them, but regular swimming has kept his muscles strong enough to support his weight, we have been able to keep his pain killing / anti-inflammatory medication at a minimum, and more importantly he thoroughly enjoys life and running around.
Having spent years attending Nobby’s hydrotherapy pool in the midlands, lots of research and formal training in both canine hydrotherapy and first aid, we moved to North Wales in 2004 in order to establish the first canine hydrotherapy centre in the North Wales area.

During 2006 we began discussions with Jill and Neil Hubbard, owners of the highly regarded Cibyn Veterinary Clinic in Caernarfon, with a view to opening a pool within the clinic as a joint venture. The Cibyn Hydrotherapy pool was opened in January 2007, bringing Canine Hydrotherapy to North West Wales.

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