Kitty Collars

Kitty Collars

Kitty Collars

Kitty Collars is brought to you by two people who really love cats and care about their safety. And what a great job we have, helping cat lovers find the safest, cutest, comfiest cat collars.

In 1997, our quiet house became chaos when we adopted 9 week old black and white kittens Flo and Rosie. They were joined in 2012 by precocious young Timmy and this year by huge Teddy.
Our cat Flo gets the credit for starting Kitty Collars. One day in 2004 she hobbled through the cat flap with her front leg caught up in her elasticated collar. We were very concerned, but thought it was a one-off. When it happened again, we looked into it further, learned of the potential dangers of elasticated collars, and decided to seek out a safer alternative. And Kitty Collars was born.

We are passionate about animal welfare and rescue, so from the start, we have been a sponsor of Cat Chat (, a UK charity that helps find loving, permanent homes for over 8000 unwanted and abandoned cats every year.


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