Funny Little Monsters Animal Behaviourist

Funny Little Monsters Animal Behaviourist

Funny Little Monsters Animal Behaviourist

JANETTA SMITH – BA(Hons) Psychology & Dip(CABT) – Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE)

Furry Little Monsters Pet Behaviour Counselling Service offers both experienced and qualified pet behaviour services for dogs & cats throughout Essex, Suffolk, Kent and London, as well as, by special arrangement, the rest of the United Kingdom.
My relevant qualifications, amongst others, include a BA(Hons) Degree in Human Psychology (1998), and Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour & Training (2002).
I am a qualified Pet Bereavement Counsellor, and have successfully completed a number of other animal/pet related training courses over the years, including an Animal First Aid Certificate.

I am a qualified Companion Animal Behaviour Therapist / Counsellor and Psychologist and have an expanse of experience in the treatment of behavioural problems in dogs and cats for over ten years now. My expertise not only includes coping and dealing with a number of my own rescue animals past and present, but professionally within my own full time practice with referrals since 2002, including working with a number of animal re-homing centres.

My passion as well as interest in studying the behaviour of animals (canine & feline) started many years ago, which since then has led me to a number of behind the scenes and hands on wildlife conservation experiences & educational and research trips.

I am also a recognised Associate Member of the COAPE Association of Animal Behaviour Practitioners, and am fully covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.
Problem behaviour is one of the main reasons behind pets being abandoned, re-homed or euthanased. Often the problem can be resolved or made more manageable through proper behavioural counselling and training modification.These behavioural problems can range from the most simple like house soiling, pulling on a lead to more serious problems like aggression, fear, separation anxiety and destructiveness to name but a few.

No matter what the problem is, it is important tha the owner understands why it has happened, and more importantly what can be done to prevent it from happeningagain. The causes must be directly dealt with to achieve complete success of eradication.
It is also very important to draw on the services of both a professional & a qualified behaviourist with experience, rather than seek short term advice, which is often inappropriate and problems wrongly diagnosed, from a variety of other sources and/or unqualified people. Therefore preventing any longer term more serious problems from occurring, and ensuring the animal lives both sociably and contently as part of the family.

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