Emperor Tropicals

Emperor Tropicals

Emperor Tropicals

Emporer Tropicals stock a large range of fish aquariums from various manufacturers.
For childrens fish tanks we can supply the smaller tropical fish tank with filtration and advise of the type and number of tropical fish to suit the environment.
Whether your favourites are Guppies, Zebras, Angelfish,Neon Tetras, Loach, Gouramis, Cichlids, Siamese Fighting Fish, it doesn’t matter.

Stepping up in the age range we have hexagonal fish tanks, corner fish tanks, and shaped tropical aquariums each with its own filter and lighting rigs that are built in.
Aquarium hoods, pumps, filters, aquatic plants, pond plants, water testing,fish food, bogwood, bubble walls,and much more

Here at Emperor its important to us to offer the best prices and service throughout the whole process, if you know any different we will price match.
We are the only ADA stockists in the south west.

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