Pet Shops

Pet Shops

Animal Magic, Hayling Island
Address: PO11 0EG

Animal Magic Hayling Island – Pet Food and Animal Supplies

Animal Magic Pet Food Shop, Hayling Island, Havant in Hampshire is the island’s premier pet supply store. We have a very well stocked shop in Mengham, Hayling Island near Havant supplying pet foods for just about any pet you can think of. Animal Magic is staffed by professional and courteous animal lovers providing all your animal and pet supply needs. We have contracts with many of the leading pet food suppliers in the UK ensuring value for money for our customers. We also stock a variety of pet toys, medication and general animal products. For list of the services we offer take a look at our Services Page which includes…

Food & Accessories For…

Cats & Dogs
Hamsters – Mice – Rabbits
Fish SuppliesAll Animal Accessories
NEW – Horse Supplies.

Tel: 02392 461872
Applejacks Pet Supplies
Address: CO7 7DF

Unit 3d
Morses Lane Industrial Estate
Morses Lane


Tel: 01206 827095
Appleton Exotics
Address: WN13SD

Parrots, Lizards, Tortoises, Snakes, Tarantulas and even a Crocodile!

Appleton Exotics is a family run business, we treat all our birds, animals and reptiles as part of the family. Our exotic Pet Centre is located in Wigan in the North West of England, about 30 minutes from Manchester Airport and very close to the M6 motorway network. Please call in to see us and our exotic pets. We can advise you on the most suitable pet, let you handle them and give all the advice you need.
Macaws, Amazons, Jardines and African Greys. Cockatoos
Our tortoises are 100% captive bred and supplied with the correct paperwork as necessary.
Reptiles: An example of our stock ranges from: chameleons, uromastyx, bearded dragons, water dragons, leopard geckos, snakes and many more, as the variety is changing constantly.

Tel: 1942824385
Aquamania Pets & Aquatics
Address: BB11DH

As the name suggests we specialise in aquatics and stock a large range of fish tanks, aquariums, equipment and all the accessories you could possibly imagine.

Some of our brands are Juwel Aquariums, Reef One, and we can supply filters, filtration systems, fish food, live and frozen fish food, plants and a host of other items.

Tropical fish and salt water fish are no problem, together with reptiles and vivariums, and live food associated with them.

In fact we can supply almost everything you could need no matter what kind or species of pet you have.

Tel: 01254 669462
Ara Carna Pets
Address: Ex7 9PT

Ara Carna Pets

A great selection of cages and hutches and small pet accessories. Equine items for horse and rider.Please come and have a look
We have many hamsters being bred, variety include long /short haired, winter whites ,chinese and robo.
hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, bird accessories, cat items,equine items, reptile and dog items, small furry, dog jumpers.

Tel: 1626906177
Bellas Pet Shop
Address: PL3 4QL

Bellas Pet Shop

On our website you will find:

Bella’s News Page
Bella’s Products Page
Natures Way
Caged Birds
Wild Birds
Small Animal
Bella’s Services Page
Bella’s Feedback Page
Bella’s Table of Contents Page
Location Map

Tel: 01752 783481
Birmingham Reptiles and Pets
Address: B23 7LX

Birmingham Reptiles and Pets are renowned for the help and advice given to customers. We have years of experience in keeping and breeding Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates, our help and advice may be an invaluable asset to your animal. If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate in contacting us.

All of our stock animals are cared for to highest level to ensure 100% satisfaction. We stock various pets and feeds including:

Live Feeds

Tel: 1213861160
Bishopbriggs Pet & Aquatic Centre
Address: G64 1RP
Category: ,

Bishopbriggs Pet & Aquatic Centre.

We stock a variety of quality birds including budgies,finches,canaries,cockatiels,lovebirds and many more.

Special orders can be taken for parrots such as African Greys,Cockatoos,Macaws,Conures and other birds.
Cages & accessories for small birds such as cockatiels,finches,canaries & budgies are readily available.All sizes of larger cages can be ordered and we encourage customers to come in and view our wide range of catalogues to make sure you choose the most appropriate cage for your birds.Both colours and dimensions vary greatly and it is important you choose the correct environment for your feathered friend.From corner units to parrot stands we can order anything for you and deliver to your door.

As well as having 50 Aquariums ourselves full of both Coldwater and Tropical Fish we also have a superb range of Aquariums available to order and a large stock of aquarium supplies and accessories from leading manufacturers such as Juwel,Arcadia, Fish r Fun,Interpet ,Red Sea, Clearseal,Hagens, Tetra and many more…

Tel: 0141 7720001
Brono’s Pet Store
Address: NN11 2NH

Bruno’s Pet Store is a well established business selling all types of pet products and pet accessories including most brands names. Our range is extremely extensive including bowls, feeders, pet grooming products, veterinary products, training products, leads, collars, tanks pumps, cages and pet care products to mention a few. We also sell pets and livestock at our two stores.
We are hoping to facilitate the ordering process for our clients by providing this easy to use on-line shop. Of course we will still welcome your presence at any of our two stores.

Dogs, Cats, Aquatics, Reptiles, Small Pets.
Bird Care
Bird Food
Bird Snacks
Bird Supplements
Bird Toys
Wild Bird

Tel: 01327 842727
C J Wildlife
Address: Shrewsbury, Shropshire

CJ Wildlife we offer a large variety of high-quality items for wild birds and a good selection of other garden wildlife.
The ornithologists and wildlife advisors at CJs carry out research projects along with leading wildlife experts to ensure we are continually producing not only high-quality products, but products designed specifically for the wildlife as nature inrended.
Our products include nest boxes, bird feeders, products for toads,squirrels,frogs,bats and more.
Food for blue tits, robins, finches, and many more wild birds. suet balls, meal worms,seeds etc.

Free catalogue, free newsletter and free delivery on orders over £50.

Tel: 0800 731 2820