Chesterfield Hydrotherapy Centre
Address: Chesterfield
S41 9RB

Chesterfield Hydrotherapy Referral Centre is an exciting development for dogs and small animals. The dimensions of our pool are 5m x 2.5m x 1.2m deep. This size pool is perfectly suited for the hydrotherapy requirements of all sizes and breeds or dogs. Our pool is above ground level and has a large viewing window to enable you to get a better view of your dog’s range of movement in the pool. You will be able to see the improvement from one session to the next and gain a greater understanding of the treatment being administered to your dog.

Our pool also features a non-slip internal and external ramp which allows comfortable and easy access for your dog. Water temperature is kept between 28c and 30c; this relaxes the muscles and improves the blood circulation.
Our pool has an underwater jet system to allow for extra resistance if needed. The pool water is tested at least three times daily to ensure optimum clarity and hygiene at all times.

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Doggie Paddles
Address: Upper Largo, Fife
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Keep fit
Stamina building for working dogs
Weight control
Mobility for older dogs
Best of all swimming is Fun!
Come on, the water’s warm, stimulating the nerve endings, opening blood vessels all over the body, and thus improving muscle tone and circulation. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for dogs. You will find Doggie paddles at Upper Largo Fife (by appointment only)

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Dogtown Hydrotherapy Centre
Address: Chiswick, London


For pets that need help getting back on their feet our new bigger Chiswick home has a larger hydrotherapy pool and new underwater treadmill. We provide a low impact program of hydrotherapy & physiotherapy treatment; specifically, for pet’s muscles, joints and general well-being. Our hands-on approach in and out of the water can also help with post-surgery or after injury, to manage ongoing musculoskeletal or orthopaedic conditions, or as a maintenance programme to prevent tightness and tenderness.

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North Wales Canine Hydrotherapy
Address: Abergele, Conwy
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We were first introduced to hydrotherapy in 1998 when Nobby, our Labrador was diagnosed with a condition that caused all of his leg joints to be deformed. Unable to operate to rectify the problem the orthopaedic specialist recommended a hydrotherapy pool to strengthen his muscles and keep him mobile as long as possible, Now 11 years old, Nobby has wonky legs an dpoor looking X-rays on them, but regular swimming has kept his muscles strong enough to support his weight, we have been able to keep his pain killing / anti-inflammatory medication at a minimum, and more importantly he thoroughly enjoys life and running around.
Having spent years attending Nobby’s hydrotherapy pool in the midlands, lots of research and formal training in both canine hydrotherapy and first aid, we moved to North Wales in 2004 in order to establish the first canine hydrotherapy centre in the North Wales area.

During 2006 we began discussions with Jill and Neil Hubbard, owners of the highly regarded Cibyn Veterinary Clinic in Caernarfon, with a view to opening a pool within the clinic as a joint venture. The Cibyn Hydrotherapy pool was opened in January 2007, bringing Canine Hydrotherapy to North West Wales.

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