Horse Training

Horse Training

Equine Sports Massage

Services include:
Behaviour and training – any kind of training from groundwork to ridden work, also any behaviour problem
Clicker training – positive reinforcement training, specifically with a clicker
Starting a youngster – whether 6 months or 6 years
Advice – advice and support for any of your management concerns.
Providing practical help and advice for all your horse’s training and behaviour needs including…
Any sort of training from groundwork to ridden work
Catching and handling
Clipping, shoeing, trimming, grooming
Loading and travelling
Ridden problems, bucking, bolting, napping, refusing to jump etc.
Separation problems
Anxious and stressed behaviours
Spooking, fears and phobias
Repetitive behaviours – weaving, box walking, wind sucking etc.

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Instinctive Horse Training
Address: Skidby
East Yorkshire

Welcome to Instinctive Horse Training! Melanie is an Equine Behaviour Specialist, Consultant and Horse Trainer and qualified teacher of over 35 years. The Instinctive Horse Training yard is based in Skidby, East Yorkshire where she takes in-house horse training. She also travels all over the UK to help people with their horses at home, where the problem is!

If you choose to use the consultancy programme for support at home, then Melanie will mentor you through a bespoke training and advice programme via Skype calls, emails and video appraisal. Please feel free to call or email Melanie at Instinctive Horse Training anytime.

01482 875141
Sparks Equestrian
Address: Greatham,


Offering horse livery and dressage training 2 minutes from the A3.
Full training livery (£250 a week)

Full livery as above plus a full training program for you and your horse.
The following extras are also available at an additional cost:

Grooming sundries (i.e. main and tail spray/fly spray etc.)
Food additives such as salt licks, treats and supplements
Veterinary sundries (i.e. wormers, Animalintex, vet wrap etc.)
Training for Non Liveries
We also offer individual lessons for non liveries on your own horse with trainer Caroline Sparks (45 minutes).

The cost of this is £40 at Parklands Farm or £50 at your own home or yard.
Why not join up with a friend for a 1 hour lesson for 2 riders at £20 per person.

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Talent of the Horse
Address: Wreningham

My aim is always to produce a reliable, soft and responsive animal. I combine dressage, groundwork and de-sensitisation to create a basic training programme, which produces leadership from the handler and softness within the horse. Once this is achieved, teaching becomes easy as the horse allows you to educate him.
My first concern is always the horse.