Fish Tanks and Aquariums

Fish Tanks and Aquariums

Abyss Aquatic Warehouse

The Abyss Aquatic Warehouse has been established for over 25 years and is ever evolving. Our growth has known no bounds, and with our last move, we believe that we have found our perfect shop! With a whopping 9,000 sq ft of modern and spacious retailing area and free customer parking we think that you will find it hard to disagree.
Specialising in Marine fish, Marine Invertebrates, Corals, Tropical fish, Tropical Plants, Invertebrates, L-number Plecs and much much more. Our vast, varied and pristine livestock which is displayed in over 400 hundred immaculately presented aquariums along with our impeccable service is what has lead to our outstanding reputation.
Angel fish, aquatic frogs, barbs, betta, arowana, apistogramma, anemones, anthias, boxfish, angelfish, blennies

0161 4764439
Aquatic World

Aquatic World

Tropical, Marine, cold water & pond fish
Huge Range Of Aquariums (Any Shape & Size), Cabinet Furniture
Wide choice of food, equipment, plants, medication & accessories
Caring & friendly advice from a family business Est 15 Years
Pond equipment & remedies
Reptiles, foods & accessories – STOCKED
















We have many types of tetra ,gourami , cichlids , rasbora , swordtails ,platys , killifish , mollys ,guppys, goldfish, fantails, koi and synodontis in stock as well .

Emperor Tropicals
Plymouth , Devon

Emporer Tropicals stock a large range of fish aquariums from various manufacturers.
For childrens fish tanks we can supply the smaller tropical fish tank with filtration and advise of the type and number of tropical fish to suit the environment.
Whether your favourites are Guppies, Zebras, Angelfish,Neon Tetras, Loach, Gouramis, Cichlids, Siamese Fighting Fish, it doesn’t matter.

Stepping up in the age range we have hexagonal fish tanks, corner fish tanks, and shaped tropical aquariums each with its own filter and lighting rigs that are built in.
Aquarium hoods, pumps, filters, aquatic plants, pond plants, water testing,fish food, bogwood, bubble walls,and much more

Here at Emperor its important to us to offer the best prices and service throughout the whole process, if you know any different we will price match.
We are the only ADA stockists in the south west.

(01752) 706633
Erdington Aquatics
Birmingham, West Midlands
B24 9BE

The amount of stock we have cannot be fully shown on this website and we strongly advise you to call in person to appreciate the range of goods we have.
Stocks are constantly made up and if you are looking for any particular type of fish then please contact us.

0121 373 1100
JMC Aquatics – tropicals, tortoises, turtles, fish equipment
Dronfield, South Yorkshire
S18 1PG

We are dedicated to providing the UK’s Pet Shops, Garden Centres and Aquatic Retailers with the best ornamental fish and dry goods. We supply cold water and tropical fish, turtles, tortoises, invertebrates, aquarium plants and dry goods.

Please note our shop is for trade and wholesale customers only. To see prices, and to place orders, please login or register.

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Lynwood Aquatics
Surbiton , Surrey

At Lynwood Aquatics we offer an impressive selection of marine, tropical and freshwater fish, and all the accessories and products required by the aquarist. Established since 1977. One of the largest aquatic stores in the UK for marine fish, tropical fish and coldwater fish based in Tolworth, Surrey. Also a large selection of aquatic plants, aquariums, fish tanks, books and accessories are available instore.

020 8391 2613
Splash Aquatics
L8 4AB

Splash Aquatics

Over 30 years of experience
Complete customer satisfaction
Bespoke designs and installations
Pond and aquarium maintenance
Cleaning and repair services
Aquatic consultation
Domestic and commercial works
Complete customer satisfaction
We are a team of highly skilled and experienced aquarists delivering excellent aquarium designs, supply, installation and repair. You can benefit from our services in North West, Merseyside, Manchester, Warrington, Wirral and Chester.

Swallow Aquatics

As Britain’s #1 Aquatics Experts”, we are proud to offer aquatics enthusiasts perhaps the best range of aquarium and pond supplies available anywhere in the Great Britain. Whether you are shopping for a new pond pump, pond filter or fish tank, we are confident you will find everything you need at our online shop, or in our four speciality stores.
Fish Tanks & Stands
Fish Tank Filters & Pumps
Fish Tank Ornaments
Fish Tank Cleaning
Aquarium Lighting
Aquarium Heaters
Aquarium Fish Food
Marine Fish Tanks
Marine Filters & Pumps
Marine Lighting
Marine Salt & Substrates
Heating & Cooling
Marine Fish Foods
Vivariums & Cages
Reptile Heating
Reptile Lighting

01268 781265
The Aquatic Design Centre
London, Middlesex

The Aquatic Design Centre
Aquarium design to suit your needs and environment together with manufacturing and installation into your premises.

Our unique designs are some of the most outstanding custom made aquariums both in this country and abroad, together with them being so stylish you will be hard pressed to better our services.
Aquarium and fish tank maintenance.
We stock over 145 marine tanks full of fish, corals, and invertebrates. Our marine section is the biggest in London
For planted-tank aquascapers, we get two deliveries of plants a week
We are a 6 minute walk from either Oxford Circus or Great Portland Street Underground stations.
Our London shop is centrally located and we stock everything you could possibly need from freshwater to marine tropical and accessories. We also stock pond items reptile and amphibians with live displays in our adequate showroom.

0207580 6764
Tropical Marine Centre

Tropical Marine Centre has been Europe’s leading supplier of ethically-sourced marine livestock to the trade for over 40 years, as well as manufacturer and distributor of quality, innovative products for the aquarium, planted aquarium and pond.
TMC manufactures and distributes a range of market leading aquatic equipment including UV sterilisers, UV pond clarifiers, protein skimmers, ozonisers, monitors, chillers, filtration equipment and pumps, as well as a range of accessories and spares.
TMC also supplies a wide range of consumable products for the aquarium including synthetic sea salt, foods, additives, test kits, filtration media, replica rock, synthetic corals and sand and gravel.
TMC publishes and distributes a range of high quality, marine books available for sale.
TMC is Europe’s leading supplier of marine fish and invertebrates to the trade offering an unparalleled range of marine fish and invertebrates from the largest aquarium-based holding facilities in Europe. Tropical Marine Centre’s pioneering work on welfare and environmental issues, relating to the collection and importation of marine fish, has established it as a centre of excellence and technical expertise within the ornamental marine fish industry.
TMC also supplies a wide range of consumable products for the aquarium including synthetic sea salt, foods, additives, test kits, filtration media, replica rock, synthetic corals and sand and gravel.

01923 284151